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Steps to Contracting with James and James Consulting

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  1. Government User: Contact the James and James Consulting GSA Schedule representative to discuss or review your technical requirements. Please call James Garvey at (301) 922-4938.

  2. Together with our representative, the Government user identifies the suitable labor categories (consult our GSA Schedule catalog for labor category descriptions and rates) to support their technical services. Our representative will assist you in establishing the quantity of each labor category to support the service(s). In addition, the James and James Consulting representative will assist you in determining any Other Direct Costs (ODC). NOTE: There is no dollar limit per task order.
  3. Government User: Provide in a Statement of Work, memo, or letter to James and James Consulting the following:
    - Brief description of services to be provided
    - Place of Performance
    - Period of Performance
    - Security Requirements (if applicable)
    - Any other assumptions or information that helps define purpose scope of order
  4. Government User: Determine the method of payment: Credit Card or purchase order and attaches the SOW, memo, or letter. The order cites the following information:
    - James and James Consulting GSA Schedule B/C Contract Number: GS-35F-4415G
    - Order Period of Performance
    - Labor Categories (list all), hourly rate, and total price
    - Estimated ODCs
    - Authorizing Government Official Name, Phone, and mailing address; fax number and email address are helpful during task performance.
  5. Government User: Send order paperwork to James and James Consulting (mail, FAX or email) to:
    James and James Consulting
    13549 Winterspoon Lane
    Germantown, MD 20874
    Attn: James J. Garvey

    Telephone: (301) 922-4938
    FAX: (413) 828-8195
    Email: Jamie.Garvey@J-Jconsulting.net
  6. James and James Consulting is required to staff each task order within 30 days unless a different date is negotiated separately with the procuring agency.
  7. Invoices for technical services will be submitted in accordance with purchase order or BPA requirements. James and James Consulting; standard billing practice is to invoice monthly.
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